Budgets and planning

The secret of a successful home renovation is to take a systematic approach to planning your project. Begin by considering what you want and what you can afford to spend.

What You Want

It is important to have a good understanding of what you want from your project. Changing your mind during the construction process can lead to additional costs and will delay completion.

Identify the things you want to change
Would you like to replace the cabinetry and windows, or build additions to your property, like a main floor great room or a new second story?

Set goals for your renovation
Consider the overall vision of what you want to achieve. Don’t just focus on the details. Are you looking to improve comfort, function or style? Consider the use of the space and light, and how you, your family, and your friends will move through the space.

Develop your wish list
Create a list of items you would like to include in your project. For inspiration, ask your friends, look through magazines, visit show homes or showrooms, attend open houses or browse the Internet.

Identify your priorities
Separate the things you need from the things you want. Organize both lists according to their priority. This will ensure your ability to maintain focus on what is truly important.

Assure the whole family agrees on the goals of the project and the items to be included. Having clear goals will help significantly during the design and construction stages.

Take your time and enjoy yourself!

Dreaming of the possibilities for your new space is often one of the most enjoyable parts of the process.

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